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Zanzibar – Spice Island

Country Tanzania
Languages spokenKiswahili, English
Currency usedTZS
Area (km2)2,461

Nightlife info

The nightlife of Zanzibar is not as pulsating as on other touristy islands but there are spots in Stone Town and on the northern tip in Nungwi, where one can enjoy a night out. Of course there are many restaurants in Stonetown and also the one or the other resort has it's own entertainment.

Culture and history info

Zanzibar - it sounds like a story of 1001 nights. The place of Palaces, Sultans and Princesses. The island has seen different rulers and the culture can be described as a mix of East Africa and the Middle East. Also known as the spice island, traders from far came frequently to this
gem in the the Indian Ocean. Stonetown with it's narrow streets let you indulge in another world. Singing and playing music is a big part of the culture of the Zanzibarians. There is also an anual Music Festival which is well worth a visit.

There are museums in the old part of Zanzibar town which give you an insight of the history. Also the dark history of the slave trade is a part of it. There are ruins of palaces which can be explored and the historical buildings in Stone Town are partly restored to it's old glory.

Dongwe Ocean View

Dongwe Ocean View

Michamvi, Pingwe, P.O.Box 4242, Zanzibar
Dongwe Ocean View is a Boutique Resort situated on one of Zanzibar’s most beautiful beaches. It is 5 More info
Spice Island Hotel and Resort

Spice Island Hotel and Resort

P.O. Box 2484, Jambiani, Zanzibar
Spice Island Hotel and Resort is situated in the southeast of the island between the two traditional More info
Swahili cultural tour

Swahili cultural tour

This multi-day tour gives you an insight of the Swahili culture and includes a Stone Town Tour, Spic More info

Unfortunately there are no car rental offers at this location at the moment.


On Zanzibar, also known as the Spice Island, there are many different plants growing. In the South there is a forest reserve known as Jozani National Park. The island has also marine parks with mangroves and corals.


Zanzibar has it's own football team. But it is usually the water sports
what attracts yearly a large number of tourists. There are all kinds of surfing, kayaking and of course diving available. Also Game Fishing in the Pemba Channel or the open sea is offered.