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The Pearl of Africa

Country Uganda
Visa requirements

Travellers need a Visa, citizen of most countries can apply for a tourist visa online. Please contact the embassy for more information.

Languages spokenEnglish, Kiswahili, Luganda
Currency usedUGX
Area (km2)241,038

Nightlife info

Kampala has it's own party mile known as half-london and Jinja has also a vibrant party scene. Restaurants, Bars and clubs are inviting for a truly African experience.

Culture and history info

Uganda is home to many people of the Bantu group and nilotic tribes. Culture is expressed in dances and arts. The national food is a stew cooked in banana leafes.

Ruled by ancient kingdoms before the western explorers arrived and gained then independence. It followed a period of dictorship. You can learn more about the history during your visit.

Victoria Royal Beach Hotel

Victoria Royal Beach Hotel

50/52 Mirza Road, Uganda
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The Great Rift Valley passes through Uganda and there are a number o Rift Valley Lakes. It shares also a large part of Lake Victoria and the wetlands are home to a large number of birds. The forests in the South-West conserve the environment of the nearly extinct mountain gorillas.


While football is the major sport in most African countries including Uganda they also have a basketball team and a national rugby team.
For the adventure lovers try the white water rafting at Jinja, the source of the river nile.